ABOUT Nihao Dropshipping

Nihao Dropshipping is committed to creating the most powerful and complete sourcing platform for dropshippers around the world, minimizing costs and getting more profits.

Nihao Dropshipping Story

Nihao Dropshipping is a business-to-business subsidiary of Nihao Group. We started a store to sell fashion jewelry and accessories online and is very popular among retailers and online store owners worldwide. We are now trying to provide our customers with a better dropshipping solution considering more and more customer demands and business development needs.

Mission and Values

“To help people start dropshipping better and easier” is Nihao's mission. We work hard to offer quality products at affordable prices for our customers through optimizing our entire supply chain and improving the quality control system.

Our Advantages

  • A growing number of products online
    Nihao Dropshipping provides 500,000+ popular products in all kinds of niches for customers all over the world. And the quantity is still growing every day.
  • A One-stop Dropshipping solution
    Our application integrates product sourcing, existing product connection, order processing, shipping and multiple functions to provide you with a one-stop dropshipping solution.
  • Niche Products recommendation
    Weekly or monthly niche product recommendations help you find the best dropshipping products!
  • Multi-language available
    In addition to English, Nihao Dropshipping will also be engaged in creating application versions in Spanish and other languages, and strive to provide high-quality dropshipping products and services worldwide.
  • Reassuring after-sales service
    24/7 support for any of the product-related and service-related queries. You may call the online support, chat or e-mail as per your comfort to us.